Forsidefoto med lokomotiver på modelbanen

How to use a rail bike


  1. Persons may only ride trolley-cycles over the age of 15.
  2. Traffic travelling towards Videbæk has right of way to other traffic travelling towards Skjern.
  3. At level-crossings: Trolley-cyclists must give way to other traffic. Dismount and push the trolley-cycle over the road.
  4. Keep a distance of at least 20 metres between each trolley-cycle. The breaking distance is longer than with ordinary bicycles.
  5. On breaking: Signal to those behind, by raising your right arm.
  6. Look where you are going and don`t ride too fast!  The tracks have been cleared, though fallen branches, stones etc. may be on the tracks. We would be very greatful if you remove any such obstructions if found.
  7. Ride slowlydownhill and also on bends. ”GIV AGT”= Caution. Think of oncoming trolley.
  8. When stopping for more than a few minutes, please remove the trolley-cycle from the tracks.
  9. Trolley-cycles may only be ridden during the daylight hours.
  10. Never change places whilst the trolley-cycle is in motion.
  11. Trolley-cycling is not allowednorthof Herborg Station.
  12. A maximum  of 2 adults and 1 child or 1 adult and 2 children on anyone trolley – cycle. Max. 200 kg.
  13. VSV&MJ have third part liability insurance for injury.
The trolley-cycle is turned easily by 2 persons and lifting as described below:
The trolley-cycle is turned easily by 2 persons.
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