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Track bikes

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The quick questions and the short answers

How long does the trip take?
You decide how much time you want to spend on the trip – remember that it is as far out as home. The whole trip is approx. 26 km. corresponding to approx. 13 km. each way. 5 to 6 hours in total.

What instructions are there for the bike and the ride?
On this page there are instructions and rules: How to use a rail bike – See instructions – What are the rules?

When to rent Rail bikes?
The rail bikes can be rented all year round, from sunrise to sunset, but the toilet trolley is only open during the period 1 April to the end of October.

How to rent or reserve a rail bike?
The bikes are rented, reserved and the key to the referral is picked up and handed in at the grocery store in Astrup
The bike ride starts at Herborg Station.
Reservation is not a requirement, but if you would like to make a reservation, call the the grocery at +45 97364010

Hop to the map of Astrup and Herborg

Is it possible to take a break and eat packed lunches along the way?
Yes, there are 4 places on the stretch with table and bench set.

What does it cost?
They cost DKK 150.00 for 4 hours and DKK 200.00 for 6 hours.

It’s a little more tour descriptive

Lunch is taken at a rest area by the track - Rail bikes

The first thing to pass is Herborg Sø Camping on the right hand side just when the trip starts. Lovely quiet campsite. Herborgvej is the first road to cross. Open the barriers and pull the bike across the road and close the barriers again after you have passed the road. Normally, there are barriers for cars on a railway, but not in this case – the cars have first right.

The trip continues between trees and shrubs along Sæddingvej. Fiskbækvej is the next road to pass – pull the bike across the road. If it’s time for a break, the first rest area is not far away. Between Fiskbækvej and Damgårdsvej by the shooting range (located to the west) there are tables and benches for free use, approx. 2.3 km after start. Feel free to bring a small lunch tablecloth, it’s all fun. Here, in the heyday of the course, Risdahl was the stepping stone.

Furthermore – the next stop is when Damgårdsvej is to be crossed, then you must cross Astrupvej – remember to pull the bike across the road. On the right hand side after cycling 3.6 km passes in Sædding station by the town Rækker Mølle. Forward with the tablecloth again, because here is the second rest area.

Up on the iron horse again, the trip continues over Kærgårdsvej – remember barriers and to pull over the road. Maybe it’s a good idea to switch to the role of joint warden. Enjoy the view over the fields on the trip to 3 consecutive road junctions. Slumstrupsvej – Sæddingvej and Stensigvej cross. These are not all crossings, now you get the opportunity to drive under. For just a little after the next rest area, which you will find just before a viaduct. So take a break, enjoy the view of the viaduct, maybe the farmer is cycling over. Tables and benches, an obvious opportunity to find the tablecloth again.

After the viaduct, cross Bøllingvej and on the right hand side after 10km, pass Kongsholm station. It goes straight out the rest of the way where you have to cross Bøllinglidevej and Øster Marupvej. The trip ends after approx. 12 km in Skjern by the factory Ferrodan (castings). The tablecloth must come forward and the food on tables. The last set of tables and benches are found here by the small lake.

The new green rail bike from 2021

The rail bikes themselves

The first team of rail bikes from 1992, these are the yellow ones that you can see pictures of, were retired after faithful service and replaced with newly produced rail bikes in 2021.

The bikes are inspected and maintained regularly, and at least twice a week during the summer. In the winter, bicycles and tracks are prepared for the coming summer.

Track bikes only for rent for the periode March 1st to October 31st, when the bikes are prepared for the new season during winter. Outside season by appointment only.

The VSVMJ club is checking all cycles twice a week for defects. Should you discover defects anyway we hope you’ll tell us at the rental place – it does not cost you anything and it helps the club with the maintenance and the next cyclists!

How to rent rail bikes?

Track bikes can be ordered in advance, which is widely used since bicycles, especially in high season, is often fully booked. It is therefore advisable to pre-book well in advance.

Download folder as pdf

Track bikes for rent and booked at the following address where the keys to Track Bikes are collected and delivered. The key is also used for the toilet at Herborg:

Astrup Købmandshandel
Højevej 25, Astrup
6900 Skjern
Tlf.: +45 97 36 40 10

Map of the area

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